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ST Fantasy
Your Wonderful Life
Tuesday, October 22, 2019


I can make Hack Object now ^o^

Updated 4 hack paintings

My first hack paintings, the first and the second one I made on 2002 by SimArtStudio, so the paintings border not look nice= =
You will get all friends and make all feel happy when you view these paintings. Each paintings have the same function but the description are different, you can see what different when you buy the paintings.

This is my very first painting that I never put on the website for download because this is a regular painting, then the people just can view it and nothing. After I learn to make hack object, I edit this to hacked paintings^^

My second painting, same as above.

How beautiful of this flower fairy, you must like it^^

The world is not perfect, there have good things also have bad things, like the below painting.

After you view this, you will lost all of your friends and make all people in bad mood. If you don't want to die instantly just quickly watch the above "Feel Good Paintings"XD

I never forget to put on the new clothes^^
b_KW1 b_Timi


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